Frequently Asked Questions

SnapPod™ is a compact, easy to set up and fully customisable selfie station for events, complete with a viewing screen, camera and light source contained in its housing.

Our innovative capture software designed for events and activations, promotes user engagement and produces custom branded social content in the form of still photos, GIF’s and boomerangs.

Absolutely! If you would like to purchase a SnapPod as a permanent solution for your hospitality, retail or corporate office business please contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange this for you. Please note lead times are between 7 and 30 days.

Traditional photo booths have been around for years but are limited to only taking photos of 3-4 guests at a time. You also don’t have the option of having your own backdrop and branding. Many traditional photo booths require guests to wait while their photos are printed and don’t offer them the option to post directly to social media. Not only this, the foot print of traditional photo booths is a lot larger, take longer to set up and often require a staff member from the provider to do so. SnapPod resolves all of this and is the new way forward for engaging your guests and creating user generated social content from a branded station that’s quick and easy to set up and position.

Our office is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland. We dispatch SnapPods to all major cities across Australia.

Absolutely, the sky is the limit when it comes to customisation. Working with our team we can really make SnapPod your own by adding external branding and artwork utilising a high quality vinyl decal wrap. You also have a multitude of digital customisation options as well. These include photo overlays, custom screens, event gallery customisation, digital props and filters as well as brand or event messaging. All of this happens prior to delivery, so when you receive your SnapPod it’s ready to go!

All hires come with an online Event Gallery that can be customised to suit your brand or theme. When guests interact with SnapPod they’ll receive their content and link to view the Event Gallery.

Our innovative software sends each guests photo, GIF or Boomerang directly to their mobile INSTANTLY via SMS or email! From there they can easily download their content and post to social media or share with their friends.

We generally recommend scheduling delivery 1-2 business days before your event in case there are any transit delays. For events that finish early in the day your SnapPod can be collected the same day. If the event finishes after 3pm we’ll schedule next business day pick up. You are only charged for your active hire days providing you don’t use the unit outside of these days.

Very easily! Once you receive your SnapPod, simply open the case and you’ll see 3 pieces. Simply start with the base on the ground then slide on the middle piece followed by the top piece and 4 x fastener knobs. Plug in to a standard 240V power outlet, turn the unit on and you’re ready to start snapping. A laminated instruction card will be provided in your SnapPod’s travel case.

Yes, in order for SnapPod to upload your event photos and send content to your guests your SnapPod will require a high speed WiFi connection. We recommend download speeds above 17Mbps and upload speeds of 17Mbps and above. You can also use a mobile hotspot as a backup option if you have a mobile device or dongle connected to a data plan on 4G/5G. Please note: If using this method it is up to you to ensure there is a strong 4G/5G network connection in your area. High speed Wifi connectivity should always be the preferred method. To check your speeds please visit www.speedtest.net

No problem, just call the number on your booking. Although very rare, if you do have issues 99% are resolved over the phone.

SnapPod is designed to be so simple to setup and use there’s no need for an attendant. All SnapPods are sent to you via courier and can be setup in a matter of minutes. Some clients opt to use promotional models to engage with guests during their event to encourage them to have their photo taken, but this is entirely up to you.

Absolutely, we provide discounted rates for hiring multiple SnapPods and for multi-day hire periods.

It sure does! Every person that interacts with SnapPod and has their photo sent to their mobile or email will be saved. We will then send you a list of these emails and phone numbers at the end of your event.

We like to be kind to the environment and therefore do not offer printing. Besides printing photos is so 1990’s and SnapPod is way cooler than the tired old photo booth. Our research has shown that event engagement on social media is seven times higher when using digital only compared to printed photos. You also won’t receive as many leads post event and 80% of photos are discarded or forgotten about within 2 days after your event.

We do! However there is a small additional delivery cost to deliver or pickup from residential buildings. This is because residential buildings generally don’t have the same ease of access as a commercial property or venue.

No, as long as you have a general power outlet available and WiFi, you won’t need anything else. If you’re operating SnapPod in a dark environment we do recommend some additional lighting to avoid grainy photos but this is up to you.

Our pricing is extremely affordable when compared to other photo booth companies, in fact our day rate is less than most operators that offer 3-5 hour hire periods. Every client is different, so we like to work with you on your requirements and work out the best possible price. Prices vary depending on whether or not you want external branding, the number of SnapPods you require and the number of days you wish to hire them. For our pricing guide check out the homepage.

Our payment terms and cancellation policy can be found within the Terms of Hire document linked in the footer on every page of our site. If you require payment or cancellation assistance please have a chat with us and we’ll work out the best solution.